‘Killing Eve’: Villanelle – the villain that’s always dressed to kill

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The fourth season of Killing Eve was released on February 28, 2022, in the United Kingdom after almost two years. It is no doubt that in season four, like in the previous seasons, everyone watching will want a piece of Villanelle’s wardrobe!

And how could we not?!

Her outfits are daring, dapper and jazzy! Sam Perry, Killing Eve‘s costume designer, knew what he was doing.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of my top five of Villanelle’s outfits throughout the seasons. Enjoy!

  1. The dreamy floral maxi dress
Credit: Vogue

I don’t know about you, but I, too, can see myself strolling the streets of Spain in this blue floor-length dress. It’s the perfect, soft summer look (and it has puff sleeves!). The colours and boldness of The Vampire’s Wife dress is bound to make one stand out in the crowd – perfect outfit for a killer assassin, eh? (Susie Cave, the name behind the brand, even dubbed it “The Villanelle Dress”!).

But maybe that’s all part of Villanelle’s genius. From most of the outfits we will see in this list, she’s mastered the art of blending in as an ordinary individual by actually standing out.

  1. The blood (thirsty)-red combo
Credit: Paper Magazine

Elegance never looked finer than this matching Lanvin red top and flared trousers, tied together nicely with a Gucci belt.

What’s less elegant, though, is shooting one’s would-be lover and leaving them to die in plain sight (note the gun in her hand and that sneaky grin on her face).

So I suppose we can establish that Villanelle is a very strategic outfit planner: that red is sure to camouflage all that blood she spills.

I hope her wardrobe is full of red fits, then. For her sake.

  1. The collegiate get-up
Credit: Town & Country Magazine

This dark academia-esque outfit with Raey khaki pants that Villanelle wears when she visits the Oxford University campus is how I aspire to dress every day for when I go to my seminars. It gives chic, preppy and comfortable – yes, please!

  1. The impeccable 70s suit
Credit: Vogue

This bold print suit by the London-based Michael Halpern gives me life. Its psychedelic design is reminiscent of the 70s and is so hypnotic, that it may as well draw anyone in – including Eve, with whom V shared a dance under the lights in the ballroom while wearing this stunning outfit.

  1. The iconic pink princess gown
Credit: Vogue

And of course, how could I forget to mention the iconic pink princess gown?! Designed by Molly Goddard, this dress single-handedly renewed the tulle trend for the remainder of 2018: from Paris runaways to fast-fashion stores like Primark.

The dress is perfect not only in its design but also in its encapsulation of Villanelle’s character: it is flamboyant, grandiose and screams extravagance – just like her. And we love to see it!

Featured Image Credit: Vanity Fair

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