Students organise activities to raise funds for preservation of hedgehogs

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A group of students from the University of Stirling who want to make the university campus more “hedgehog friendly” have arranged a week of local activities in Stirling as part of Hedgehog Awareness Week which is organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

The week began on May 1 to increase the public profile of Britain’s hedgehogs and raise funds for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS). The list of activities include a pub quiz which occurred on May 2 and raised £80 for the BHPS, hedgehog house building tomorrow and an arts and crafts session on May 6.

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Commenting on the week of activities, a spokesperson for the group said:

“It aims to raise awareness about the state of Britain’s hedgehogs and encourage people to take action for hedgehogs. Hedgehog numbers have been in decline for decades and solutions to recover the populations are complex.”

The spokesperson then explained how people can get involved and support hedgehogs:

“In urban areas, there are lots of easy actions anyone can take for the wellbeing of hedgehogs: remove any hazards (litter, netting, being mindful while mowing), increase connectivity through hedgehog highways (a hole in the fence), and increase the overall biodiversity of your garden or other green spaces.”

The university campus attained a bronze accreditation from the UK wide hedgehog friendly campus organisation in 2020 and received its silver accreditation last year.

More information about the week of activities can be found on the Hedgehog Stirling website here.

Featured image credit: University of Stirling Hedgehog Friendly Campus .

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