iOS 16 allows iPhone users to edit messages

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On June 6th Apple announced iOS 16 as part of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The iPhone software received a few key feature upgrades:

  1. The ability to edit or unsend messages

Apple announced that as part of iOS 16 users will be able to edit messages after they have been sent, which is ideal if you have discovered that you misspelt someone’s name or put too many emoji’s on your first attempt. Another key feature is the ability to unsend a message completely, so you no longer have to worry about explaining why you text the wrong person, instead, you can just delete it.

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2. SharePlay in Messages

Originally unveiled last year as part of iOS 15, SharePlay allows users to effectively screen-share on Facetime whilst watching a film or TV show, something which was more common during the pandemic. Now Apple has announced that users will be able to use SharePlay in Messages, so you can watch episodes of your preferred TV show whilst also creating a running commentary with your friend via the messages app.

3. Personalisation of the lock screen

Perhaps the biggest change aesthetically with this update is the ability to personalise your lock screen. Apple has announced that you can now personalise the lock screen to a greater extent by adding widgets, which is perfect if you are on the move and want to check a sports score without having to unlock your phone first. Users can also alter the font and colour of the lock screen.

iOS 16 will be available to download later this year for free and will be available to all users at the same time.

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