The Poetry Corner: Our rainbow is not a sin

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Credit: Canva edit by Hannah Coyle
Our Rainbow is not a sin

A phase
as though our love is a moment on the moon
that never sticks around.

How could you do this
as though we deliberately made a choice to spite you.

I won’t accept it
as though you are asking for their approval.

Not under my roof
as though love comes with conditions.

You will go to hell
as though that’s worse than where we are right now.

You are living in sin
as though loving goes hand in hand with evil.

Our love is not up for discussion 
it is not on show for your commentary.

You do not get to decide that there are too many colours in our rainbow 
if you’ve never walked the distance from one end to the other.

Only to find that the gold 
is loving yourself 
when others cannot.

And continuing to love yourself 
when others refuse to.

If you have never known the fear
of a kiss
a hand hold
confessing your love in a crowd

If you’ve never scanned a room for threat
or planned ahead for a safe rainbow space,

please do not condemn those who have
to a life of fear and sin.

Just because your world doesn’t have a rainbow
full of bright colours and love 
like ours does.

Feature image credit: PinkNews.co.uk

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