The Poetry Corner: Are we satisfied?

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Credit: Canva edit by Hannah Coyle
Are we satisfied?

Not yet, are we satisfied 
Not even close.

Harvey Milk would turn in his grave 
if he could see me glance for threat every time I hold her hand.

Marsha P Johnson would throw a thousand bricks 
if she could see how her story is silenced. 

Mark Ashton would be roaring on the pickets 
if he were here to watch our disaster tory government.

Gilbert baker would toss away his paints 
if he knew his rainbow was used for capitalistic gain. 

Audre Lorde would be disgusted 
if she knew her words sit unread and in dust. 

Jeanne Manford would be in mourning 
for all the wasted lives that are put to bed.

The reason you do not know their names 
is the reason we are not satisfied yet,
not even close.

Featured image credit: BustMagazine.com

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