The Poetry Corner: Girl at the jazz bar

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Credit: Canva edit by Hannah Coyle
Girl at the jazz bar

Brown-haired girl 
alone at night 
sipping on your drink 
while jazz tunes fill the room.

Everyone is minding the music 
or their drink 
or someone with a drink 
while you mind your notebook 
and I mind you.

Brown-haired girl 
in love with your pen. 
What are you writing about? 
While I write about you? 

Brown-haired girl
my whiskey glass is getting empty.
Why are you ordering another gin-tonic? 
While I want to head out with you? 

Brown-haired girl 
the night is still long.
Will you give me your pen 
while I leave flowers 
on your paper for you?

Featured image credit: Richard Beaton “The Girl in the Jazz Club”

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