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Three benefits of living a commuter student lifestyle

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The decision about whether to live on a university campus or to commute is a decision which every student will have to make, and some students may change their decision annually or based on personal circumstances which are unique to the individual . However, assuming that both are a viable option for you, here are three benefits of commuting to university campus to consider when making your choice.

  1. The focus that commuting to campus can bring

Although spending time on the roads or pavements can be challenging after a day filled with lectures or seminars, it can bring additional focus and discipline to your time on campus. After your 45 minute car journey or two hours on the train, you may well find that you are more acutely aware of making the most of your time on campus before your journey home.

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2. The separation of studying from your social life

Every student would acknowledge that finding that balance between your studies, socialising with new found friends on campus and perhaps even your employment can be difficult. Sometimes when having these discussions, commuting can be perceived to be a limitation on your ability to socialise because you need to plan socialising around train timetables, book a taxi ahead of time or drive home before it gets too dark. However, commuting can also be beneficial as it helps make that “dividing line” or separation between your studies and social life slightly easier because quite literally there is physical distance between yourself and your lecture theatres or campus library. This division caused by commuting when aiming to achieve a “work-life” balance can be incredibly helpful for your mental health and overall wellbeing as you are actively required to engage with activities away from campus and talk about other things, apart from that assignment which has been on your mind for a week.

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3. A different route means different opportunities

When boarding the train, cycling or driving to campus, it is possible that you may meet people you may not meet otherwise from the wider local community, rather than those who are just living near campus because they are a student at the university. If you continue to use the same routes on a regular basis, it is also possible to make new social connections not too dissimilar to those made by students living on student accommodation on campus.

Every student will make their own decision based on individual circumstances and other factors that are important to them. However, commuting to campus as a student can be a positive lifestyle choice.

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