‘No one is indispensable’ Boris Johnson makes resignation statement amid record resignations

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given his resignation statement outside of No.10 this afternoon.

At 12:30pm, Johnson began by stating ‘It is clearly now the will of the parliamentary Conservative Party that there should be a new leader of the party and therefore a new prime minister.’

The Conservative party leader also mentioned that the process of choosing a new leader would be laid out in a timetable which would be available from next week.

Johnson took his time with his resignation as he believed it was ‘[his] job, [his] duty, [his] obligation’ to deliver the 2019 Conservative party mandate.

He is proud of the government for ‘getting Brexit done…, getting us all through the pandemic…and leading the west in standing up to Putin agression.’

‘To the people of Ukraine, we will continue to back your right for freedom for as long as it takes.’

‘At the same time, in this country… the genius, talent, enthusiasm and imagination is evenly distrupted amongst population but opportunity is not and that is why we must keep levelling up.’

However, his speech was accompanied by boos and jeers from a crowd outside Downing Street and a growing number of Conservative party members asking him to leave completely now rather than later.

The Prime minister is ‘regretful’ that he was not successful in ‘arguing’ with his colleagues about the prospective of him staying on as party leader but stated that ‘At Westminister the herd instinct is powerful, and when the herd moves, it moves.’

Johnson gave thanks to the public, his family, and the NHS, amongst others and that he was sad to give up what he believes to be the best job in the world but said ‘Them’s the breaks.’

Johnson ended his statement by saying ‘Things seem dark now, our future together is golden.’

Johnson is determined to keep his job as Prime Minister until Autumn but Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer has threatened to table a vote of no confidence as the opposition party which will trigger a general election.

In an interview with BBC News, Starmer stated that ‘He needs to go completely…no clinging on.’

There is not yet a clear frontrunner for a replacement but there is expected to be a long list of candidates for nomination.

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