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How to get to sleep during summer

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Sleep is incredibly valuable as a student, helping start your day off correctly before any lectures or seminars. Though with parts of the UK facing an extreme heat alert from the Met Office in recent days, getting to sleep in the heat can be a challenge.

  1. Ice and a fan

Using a fan to cool you down whilst you get ready to unwind for the evening is perhaps one of the most well-known tricks to instigate sleep during warm weather. However, the effectiveness of a fan is limited as you are mainly circulating pre-existing air already without necessarily lowering the temperature first. The combination of a fan and some ice cubes can lower air temperature, and importantly in the case of students is a very low-budget measure which is effective.

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2. Wet towel near window

If you are able to sleep with a window open or find that your current fan is not providing as much relief from the warm weather as you would like, putting a wet towel near a window can help you sleep in the heat. By dampening a towel over or near an open window, you can ensure that air which does flow into the room is as cold as possible, which may not always be guaranteed if you opened the window.

3. Pillow in fridge before bed

There are things that you can do in advance of when you need to go to sleep which will help in that process. Whilst you may use your fridge to store food and therefore storing bedding in the same appliance does not feel completely natural, as one of the cooler places in a household, it is also the ideal place to keep elements of your bedding until you want to go to sleep.

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4. Hydration

Whilst it may seem obvious to maintain a high intake of water during a hot day to improve your focus, maintaining your hydration levels can also help you sleep. More importantly, always keep a glass of fluids to drink if you wake up during the night, as this will mean that you can stay in bed and cool down without having to get out of bed and then readjust to get back to sleep.

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