Collages, vision boards and invite codes: Is Pinterest’s ‘Shuffles’ worth the hype?

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Earlier this August, the creators of Pinterest released a sister application named Shuffles.

Shuffles is a collage creation and social platform, allowing users to link with their Pinterest accounts to create vision boards and works of art using image cut-out tools. The app was quietly released onto the Apple App Store and is currently only available on IOS and accessible via an invite code.

Despite the lack of advertising, Shuffles has already made a mark on social media platforms, with videos about the app quickly going viral on TikTok. The most enticing thing about this app is the necessity of an invite code to get in. Without a code, users are subject to a place on the waiting list until the app is widely available.

Twitter, in particular, has gone wild over the codes. Many users confess to refreshing the relevant tags for hours or even over several days to obtain access to Shuffles, in some cases even paying code-holders for entry to an otherwise free app. This, of course, has led to opportunistic scammers taking advantage of users’ desperation to create aesthetic, mood and vision boards.

The appeal is similar to that of Pinterest, as it provides a space for people to plan outfits, aesthetics, décor and party themes. As someone who loves to plan outfits on Pinterest, I too was keen on getting my hands on an access code – a feat which took me all of three hours.

Once successful, I was obsessed with creating the ideal mood board, keeping me occupied all evening, and pleasantly entertained by the interactions I was able to have with other users. Much like Instagram or Tumblr, users are able to follow each other, message, use hashtags, like Shuffles and comment on work done by others.

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Is it worth looking for a Shuffles invite code?

Currently, there is no set release date for Shuffles to become available on Android or in certain countries where it isn’t currently. There is also no estimate as to how long someone may sit on the waiting list before being allowed access to the app.

If you are someone who is addicted to Pinterest, and believe that you may spend enough time on their new app to warrant the long hunt for an invite code, then I definitely suggest that you give it a try. Creating on the app is rather therapeutic, and certainly a better use of time than doom-scrolling TikTok videos.

Alternatively, if you have a friend who already has the app, you can try to get a code from them and skip the long wait.

However, Shuffles has very similar tools available to the ones on Picsart. If you wish to make collages minus the social media aspect provided by Shuffles, it’s maybe worth trying to find another app which can accomplish the same thing.

As of late August, the app is completely free to download and use, and it is definitely not worth the risk to attempt to buy a code or to give anyone online personal information in exchange for one.

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