The Amazon return with third album: How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?

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The Amazon has announced their third album “How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?”. it is due to be released on September 9th however, Brig has been lucky enough to hear the album before release. So here’s our thoughts.

The album consists of 11 songs with the opening track How Will I Know?, which perfectly eases us into the album with guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. The first three tracks sort of tell us a story of lockdown for the singer which can be relatable for a lot of people during this time.

Tracks two and three, Bloodrush and Say It Again, are love songs with lyrics such as “i feel electric when you walk through the door” and “i wanna feel the love we’ve got” which continues the theme heard through the album of a longing for a loved one during a hard time.

With the album being written during Covid-19 times, it is a key aspect of a lot of the lyrics in this album. However the band have described this as their most joyous album.

The uplifting fourth track on the album There’s a Light is another indie love ballad. It describes the end of hard times with a little slower in pace but gorgeously written lyrics speaking on themes of hope which will be sure to uplift listeners. Although covid-19 is over, tough times are still ahead. 

The pace of the album slows further with Northern Star as we are introduced to soft acoustic sounds which bless the ear. Continuing on this theme of love, the lyrics here melt the heart.

But we are met with a bang on Wait For Me. A very fast pace tune with plenty of electric guitar riffs and heavy drums we are injected with excitement and happiness. A clear juxtaposition of the previous track but successfully drawing the attention of the listener back in very quickly

A change of key is presented here on track One By One. With a more melancholic sound it gives this track a mysterious vibe to it. Switching it up and showing the variety of music the band creates. 

Excellent guitar riffs seems to be a great skill that this band holds. Ready for something really makes you want to get up and jump. The vibe of this song is very different giving us more harsh indie rock sounds. A song full of energy and fun leaving you feeling that you are actually ready for something.

The piano melodies and sad sounding introduction on the ninth track paired with Matt Thomson’s fantastic vocals will have you feeling all the emotions.

The album closes with In The Morning and I’m Not Ready. Giving us the idea the curtains are closing and it’s time to go back to normal. I’m Not Ready really tells us how hard it is to leave comfort and go back to real life. The tone of the song displays the theme of some sort of ending with the slowed tempo and calm acoustics bringing the album to an end. 

Overall, I feel although some tracks do sound a little similar, the album as a whole is great. Not too slow and not too fast, “How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?” is a fantastic album with just enough of everything and would recommend everyone has a listen on its official release September 9th

Feature image credit: The Amazon

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