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Brido Hingwy comes to the Macrobert

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Scottish comedian Brian James O’ Sullivan, commonly known as Brido Hingwy, is taking his alter familial ego out of your phone. He is coming to the Macrobert with his new show Uh Huh: The Janice and Frank Story.

Brido Hingwy shot to Scottish TikTok fame, creating the character of Auntie Janice: the stereotypical Scottish woman who loves a good blether, and source of all town whispers and knowledge, that is sure to remind you of a matriarch in your own family.

As popularity grew of his short skits, so did the character. What’s a good Scottish auntie without her man, hence the birth of the everybody’s-uncle character, Uncle Frank.

To feed the demand and love for his content, O’Sullivan created the one-man stage show that will be touring across Scotland, including Stirling’s MacRobert Arts Centre, playing on September 9 and 10.

Brig sat down with O’ Sullivan and discussed his new show.

O’ Sullivan expressed his excitement about turning his sketches into a full-stage show. He said that the format of the characters narrating the story works on a grander scale.

He expressed excitement for audiences to experience a full production from the characters’ perspectives.

Coming from the Gen- Z saturated platform of TikTok and moving his work to a theatre show, there is a noticeable jump in the general demographic from the two mediums.

However, O’Sullivan expressed: “You don’t have to be an artistic or theatre person to come to the show. It’s not fancy or posh; if you like a good story and you like a laugh, you’re in the right place.”

He discussed the change in the writing process for stage shows. He explained how his writing is all character-led, so it is as authentic as possible. As the key in this show is the relatability that the character has with the audience, that is where the laughs stem from.

“Our relationships with people, no matter what family structure they have, those relationships are what tie all of us together. So, finding the funny in those interactions is a universal experience.”

So, if you fancy a laugh for an hour or so, spend your night with Auntie Janice and Uncle Frank. Head down the Macrobert and get your tickets!

Featured Image Credit: Brido Hingwy / Facebook

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