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Top streaming services for students: How do they compare?

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Streaming services have expanded over recent years so it can be difficult to work out how many you should subscribe to, which offers the best deal and what the differences are between the services which are offered.

Here’s Brig’s breakdown of the main streaming services for TV or films available right now.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus launched in 2019 so is a relatively new streaming service. It features shows or films from Marvel, Pixar, Disney, Star Wars, National Geographic and STAR.

Content: Over 1,100 shows and films.

Price: Currently an offer where you can get one month for £1.99, after which the price is £7.99 a month. No student discount is available.

Number of devices: You can watch content on 4 devices at the same time and have your account logged in on up to 10 devices.

Resolution: Up to 4K, no additional fee for the higher resolution.

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Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus launched in the UK in June of this year. The streaming service is a division of Paramount Global which is responsible for some of the UK’s best known films.

Content: Paramount Plus features content from Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central and MTV.

Price: Seven day free trial, after that £6.99 a month or £69.90 annually. No student discount is available.

Number of devices: Three simultaneous streams.

Resolution: Full HD only in the UK.

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Perhaps the most well known streaming service, Netflix launched in the UK in 2012. Currently, approximately 17 million households in the UK are subscribed to Netflix

Content: Netflix has over 6,400 programmes and films to stream.

Price: Netflix offers different pricing tiers based on resolution and the number of devices which you want to stream on at the same time. There is no student discount.

Within the “Basic tier” which costs £6.99 a month, you can watch shows on only a single device at a time and the resolution is capped to below full HD.

The “Standard Tier” at £10.99 a month allows you to stream on 2 devices simultaneously in full HD

The “Premium Tier” is priced at £15.99 a month and allows streaming on 4 devices at the same time in Ultra HD quality

Number of Devices: Depending on the tiers listed above.

Resolution: Depending on the tiers listed above.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime video includes a variety of titles, including shows like The Grand Tour, and House.

Content: 16,500 movies and 1,960 TV shows.

Price: There is a six month free trial of Amazon Prime for students which includes Amazon Prime Video. After this Amazon Prime student costs £3.99 a month or £7.99 a month for the non-student version.

Resolution: Up to 4K at no extra cost.

Number of devices: Up to 3 devices can watch different things at the same time.

Hopefully, now you can decide which streaming service is most suitable for your budget and your needs

All prices were correct at time of writing.

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