Hasta la vista, Boris. Don’t come back.

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Boris Johnson has left Downing Street, having been kicked out by his own party.

His end was brought about after 60 members of his government resigned, believing the latest scandal was one-too-many.

However, there is early speculation that Boris won’t stay away forever and could try to make a political comeback. He has only fed such speculation by refusing to rule it out.

Johnson was no stranger to scandal throughout his life, as a journalist, a politician or media personality. But the scandals he brought to the heart of government will leave a lasting scar on the UK’s politics.

He was a divisive character, both for his policies and his personality. Some saw him as a beaming optimist, with his vision of how he thought he could make Brexit work. Others see a selfish former Etonian, who can’t follow the lockdown rules his government set. That’s just scratching the surface.

If polling numbers are anything to go by, then Boris’ approval ratings are dismal, at negative 49 according to YouGov. Such ratings suggest that much of the country’s wider electorate would like to see the back of Boris.

His successor, Liz Truss, thanked her friend for his service as PM, and spoke of the country’s admiration of him – “from Kyiv to Carlisle”. Maybe not so far – Kent, perhaps?

For his three years in office, Johnson’s government made many unprecedented actions. He prorogued parliament. He avoided scrutiny. He tried to change rules to protect a Tory MP.

Another former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, once said that all politicians “have a shelf-life in politics”. Boris should be mindful of that, before he sets another precedent – one of power-hungry politicians who can’t let go.

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