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By Demilee Shand

From my stories as a little girl from the scheme

The idea of being rich is nothing but a dream

I have worked my hardest to get my education

But the rules have changed throughout the nation

I have grafted to even get near to university

While the rich were guaranteed did not even know of a bursary

The education system has always been corrupted

Meanwhile the rich parents are nothing, but seductive

The rich fling the money in the lecturers faces

Rich always get an advantage no matter the spaces

At least I know that my space was earned from hard work

While the rich sit back with the widest smirk

The Inequality between the both is never fair

The rules have taught the rich to never share

No matter what the rich will have control

The poor will have to stay in their role

It is not just education that the rich thrive

The rich will never know of a strive

Some say we should not tarnish with the same brush

Although they would not help us in a rush

Demilee Shand
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