An ABBA Nightmare – A Freshers’ Party review

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The Freshers’ Party at the Stirling Union on September 15 turned out to be a total flop.

The big question is: How? How could anyone ruin the fun that is ABBA music at it’s core?

Well, the main problem was that it was not an actual ABBA party. It was a regular party with a 40-minute ABBA act in between.

The doors opened at 10p.m. You would expect to hear ABBA tunes when you enter.

Instead they played classic club hits like Shakira and Jason Derulo until 11.30.

Then, after 1.5 hours of waiting, the stage got filled with four performers in ABBA disguise.

An event that seemed like a four-hour ABBA dance party turned out to be a short stage performance of singers in wigs. Quite an odd choice to entertain a bunch of university students. It would have been more fitting for a children’s birthday party.

If the start and finish would have been framed by 70s and 80s music, like the theme of the party, it would have been more bearable. Instead, the change from ABBA to club trends at quarter past midnight came as abruptly as at the beginning.

The overcrowded venue only made the discomfort worse. The minimum space and bumps in between made it almost impossible to move, let alone dance. Selling less tickets next time would make it easier to move freely.

A possible night with a lot of Mamma Mia and ABBA hits would be enjoyable for many students. The 80s dress code set the scene perfectly but the party unfortunately missed the beat.

In conclusion, the lack of communication, the poor taste of party music and false advisement sadly transformed party excitement into miserable disappointment.

It is a Super Trouper No from me.

Feature image credit: Stirling Students’ Union

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