The Talk: Dealing with the Winter Blues

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As we move from summer to autumn it overwhelms me. By ‘it’ I mean the so-called seasonal depression. 

Gloomy, bleak grey skies rather than sunlight and bright blue heavens. A flat white with oat milk rather than an iced coffee with hazelnut syrup. Jeans rather than shorts. Boots rather trainers. Sweaters rather than t-shirts. 

Perhaps you’re thinking about the beauty of carnelian leaves on the ground and pumpkin becoming a flavour again. But I’m thinking about the rainy, windy weather and having to hit the books. 

What’s the cure to this so-called seasonal depression? Should I up my vitamin D in take or maybe try to look forward to playing dress up on the 31st of October?

Quite possibly it’s something that will just pass with the seasons, but the uncertainty breaks me as the most certain person ever. 

It’s a routine: autumn, winter, spring and summer and one that I ought to be used to. Shouldn’t I be excited to start a new chapter of my life? New characters and new plot-lines are exactly what I need, what we all need. And with that comes adventure, fun, and a whole rush of emotion. 

No matter how scared, anxious, or reluctant I or we (yes, you as well) may feel, it is simply the essence of life. Life goes on, routines break only to create new ones. Oh, how bored we would be if we lived in the same season all year round. And with that I suddenly find myself craving a pumpkin spice latte. 

Featured Image Credit: Farmers’ Almanac

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