Midterm Elections: Republicans vs Democrats 2022

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The US Midterm elections: a chance for a change within the Senate, and a perfect opportunity for the public to exclaim how much they approve (or, more often disapprove) of the sitting President’s performance.

In 2022 the age old question still reigns, Republicans vs Democrats, but who will win this time?

Come November 8, the country will head to polling stations to re-elect the entire House of Representatives, but only one third of the Senate.

With just over a month to go, the polls are pretty undecided when it comes to who will be the reigning party for the next 2 years.

Earlier this year the Republican party were favoured to take over both chambers of Congress.

However, since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe Vs. Wade, the support for Democrats has slowly but surely been increasing.

According to the ABC News polling website FiveThirtyEight, as of October 2, the Democrats are slightly favoured to win the Senate. However, Republicans are slightly favoured to win the House.

Historically, the party not in the White House does better during the Midterms, as voters tend to see the inaction of the sitting government as a means to switch over, but whether that will remain true this time around is up for debate.

If the Republicans gain control, Biden will find it very difficult trying to put into law any of his planned agenda.

It’s very unlikely Republicans will vote for anything the Democrats want.

Additionally, if Republicans take over, it’s very likely they will try to beat down the administration with legal issues or even an article of impeachment.

A national Abortion ban will likely be high on the Republican party’s agenda.

If Democrats manage to monumentally win both chambers, President Biden could see a happy end to his term with his liberal priorities seeing potential success.

We could see more liberal judges on the Supreme Court, and the eventual passing of the marriage equality bill which has been postponed.

But are the public tired of Joe Biden in office?

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, the current President’s approval rating is sitting at an appalling 40%.

However, who will win on election day 2022 is still up for debate. Republicans or Democrats? The race is just too tight to declare prematurely. Hopefully the Country will make the right decision for the next two years.

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