Stirling politicians ask residents for opinions on McGill’s buses

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Stirling MP Alyn Smith and MSP Evelyn Tweed are asking their constituents for their views on local bus services, following the takeover of First Bus services by the McGill’s Group.

In a recent meeting with CEO Ralph Roberts, Alyn Smith MP and Evelyn Tweed MSP heard more about the company’s plans across the Stirling bus network.

“Stirling deserves a great bus service, and by working collectively we can see that achieved” says local MSP. 

Both elected representatives are keen to hear more about local bus travel, including recurring issues with routes or services, to inform discussions with McGill’s and key stakeholders on Stirling’s public transport future.

Alyn Smith MP said: “Many will agree that bus travel in Stirling has struggled in recent years, and new management represents an opportunity to face challenges and opportunities afresh.

“I want to see a resourced, well-used and connected bus network to meet Stirling’s travel needs, and I’m confident with the right partnership working and community engagement we can see that developed.

“I urge respondents to give honest feedback, and allow Evelyn and I to find out more about the current situation.”

The two hope to gain an understanding of the experiences of their constituents with McGill’s buses, such as the buses conditions, accessibility, and prices. 

Evelyn Tweed MSP also commented. She said: “Public transport plays a hugely important role in reducing climate emissions and congestion on our roads.

“A fresh approach to local bus services with McGill’s is a positive inflection point, and from our recent meeting with management it sounds like things are finally turning a corner.

“Any feedback shared in our survey will help inform us of local transport needs, as well as any issues or opportunities for development.”

If you have any opinions whatsoever regarding the buses, you are urged to complete the survey, in hopes that local representatives can understand how to improve the services.

The survey can be found here.

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