UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has resigned.

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After six weeks as Prime Minister, the woman who called herself “a fighter, not a quitter” at Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, has quit. 

Liz Truss, the second Conservative Prime Minister to resign this year, has resigned, as she recognised that she “cannot deliver the mandate on which [she] was elected by the Conservative party.”

The announcement comes after Truss met with the chair of the 1922 committee, Graham Brady, and it has been announced that another leadership contest will take place within the next week. 

This decision has caused Labour leader, Kier Starmer, to speak out and call for a general election, which according to opinion polls, is expected that Labour would win.

The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called the situation an “utter shambles”, and said that a general election is a “democratic imperative”, as the public speculates who will be the next Prime Minister.

The chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has confirmed that he will not run for the position, whilst Penny Mourdant, the PM’s former rival in the last leadership contest (which Truss won at the beginning of September of this year), has claimed that she will “keep calm and carry on”. 

She was the shortest-serving Prime Minister in the history of the UK, as the second shortest-serving, George Canning, died in office in 1827 after serving for 119 days. 

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