Arctic Monkeys’ ‘The Car’ album review

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After four long years, the wait for Arctic Monkeys’ seventh album is finally over.

‘The Car’ is not a record that has one particular direction, which is an element many fans will like. Alex Turner resumes normality by taking his listeners on a journey with his songwriting.

The opening track and lead single ‘There’d Better Be A Mirrorball’ begins with a dramatic build-up but still manages to transition nicely into the first verse with a balanced mix of piano and strings.

Turner, who directed this music video himself, keeps his vocals as timeless as always and sets up the record well.

‘I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am’ follows next and was the final single before the full album release. This was the first song to be performed live from the album with its element of funk and soul making an impression.

The Car - Arctic Monkeys
Image Credit – Arctic Monkeys / Instagram

The electronic opening on ‘Sculptures Of Anything Goes’ is one of many cinematic tracks that sounds like it would be the theme of an award-winning film with its deep bass throughout.

Smooth soul sound really suits Arctic Monkeys well and in ‘Jet Skis On The Moat’, there is a boldness in the keyboard and bass, although soft, which really fit Turner’s vocals well.

The second single ‘Body Paint’ really builds up at the bridge which alongside the bass is the standout. The bass is exceptional.

The title track ‘The Car’ was inspired by drummer Matt Helders’ photo he took which would then become the album cover. The instrumental break in this track also has the feel of a film.

Turner talks about the band in the past tense in ‘Big Ideas’. The bass towards the end is once again phenomenal and makes this track.

Arctic Monkeys
Image Credit – NME

‘Hello You’ has the potential to be a fan favourite. The soul feel is revisited with this being probably the fastest-paced track of the album.

The intimacy in ‘Mr Schwartz’ allows Turner’s soft vocals to go as well as they do with the guitar.

In a similar way, the closing track ‘Perfect Sense’ allows the richness of Turner’s voice to meet the upbeat instrumentals and round off the record and journey ‘The Car’ will have taken many people on.

This record being so new and different yet still the same band makes Arctic Monkeys the band they are. It is sure to be one listeners will fall in love with the more listens they give it.

Featured Image Credit – Arctic Monkeys on Instagram

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