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International Stress Awareness Week: University of Stirling Edition

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Today marks the beginning of Stress Awareness week (November 7 to November 11). Stress recognition and intervention are vital for mental and physical well-being.

This week, the university is providing workshops and resources to help with this. Workshops will develop your skills to be able to handle stress and hopefully eventually prevent stress.

What is on?

The university provides workshops and resources online to help with stress recognition, intervention, and management. More details can be found here.

The first online workshop of the week starts today (Monday 7) and looks at managing stress (from 1:45-4:15pm). This workshop is also available on Friday (November 11) and is at 9:15am-12:15pm.

These look at understanding what stress does to you and your body and provide you with practical tools and techniques to combat stress.

Additionally, there are two in-person workshops at Campus Central in room 3.19 from 9:30-11:30am and 11:30am-3:20pm. These workshops focus on building resilience, which is vital for managing stress.


There are also resources online that you can access here. These are things such as well-being and mindfulness programs as well as resources and information surrounding stress and balancing your day-to-day tasks.

Additionally, if you are struggling, do not hesitate to reach out – there are many contacts within the university and outwith that can assist you during hard times.

Additionally, within the university:

  • Student services
  • Mental health services
  • Apply for counselling through the university
  • Togetherall

More information on the university services above can be found here.

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