Snoop Dogg’s Children’s Animated Series, ‘Doggyland’

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Snoop Dogg has started a YouTube series that promotes diversity and inclusion and presents inspirational views on topics such as affirmations and confidence.

Through the use of hip-hop, Snoop Dogg acts as a mentor for children. He does this under the guise of a cartoon character Bow Wizzle, teaching them important lessons and recreating nursery rhymes and kid’s songs.

What is ‘Doggyland’?

Doggyland is an animated children’s show available on YouTube and YouTube Kids. It was created by Snoop Dog, October London, and Claude Brooks (the executive producer for another kid’s show named ‘Hip Hop Harry’).

Award-winning producers and singers create the music. As a result, it is catchy enough to be enjoyed by kids and their parents.

As well as being available on YouTube, Snoop Dogg has released an accompanying album named ‘Doggyland – Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes’, which is available on all streaming platforms.

A TikTok account also posts content and shares with others enjoying their content.

Why is ‘Doggyland’ a positive thing?

The release of this new Children’s TV series is such a great thing. The purpose of the production is to entertain and educate kids and assist in their social and cognitive development.

As of right now, they have released twenty-one videos and shorts on YouTube, and these feature topics such as diversity, sharing, and positive mindsets. It also includes learning content, directed at toddlers and preschool children.

More on Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg said that as a father, grandfather and sports coach, he has always been keen to promote and ensure positive spaces and educational environments for children. He went on to say that he wanted it to be accessible for all the kids, so YouTube was the perfect space for it.

In addition to this new kid’s show, Snoop Dogg has been a part of many productions where the demographic is directed towards children, such as Turbo, The Addams Family and The Spongebob Movie.

Moreover, Snoop Dogg, alongside Master P, has helped 7-year-old Malakai Roberts, who is permanently blind as a result of gun violence, to release a book.

This new venture of Snoop Dogg’s is a very positive thing. Not only does the content educate and entertain kids, but it is also inclusive and accessible for all kids.

Younger children are very impressionable, and these videos will teach them very positive values while assisting in their social and cognitive development.

It is an impressive move from Snopp Dogg; not only is he a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and actor, but he is now a cartoon personality that teaches our children valuable lessons.

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