Stirling University student elected to SNP Students National Committee

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Zack Niven, a second-year Politics student, has been elected as the National Convener of SNP Students.

Niven takes over as the Convener after Alexander Swanson, a third-year International Politics student at Stirling, stepped down and was elected as the National Organiser.

Speaking on his election, Niven said: “I would like to thank my colleagues in SNP Students for choosing me to be National Convener.

“It has been a real passion of mine to take part in national level discussions over policy and campaigning, so to be appointed in this position is really important to me.

“I look forward to working with them, alongside members of the SNP Executive and other affiliated organisations to put students at the forefront of decision making.”

Niven, currently also the Vice-President of the Stirling University Scottish Nationalist Association (SUSNA), ran a joint campaign with another Stirling University student, Dante Lopez, who is in the second year of his Politics and Business degree.

Lopez currently sits on the SNP Students National Executive Committee as a President of SUSNA here in Stirling.

Lopez congratulated Niven on his victory: “I look forward to working with Zack and the other members of the NEC as we head into an important year in Scottish Politics. It is great to have Stirling students taking part in national debate and having a seat at the top table.”

SNP Students is the student wing of the Scottish National Party (SNP), representing 4,500 student members of the SNP at universities and colleges across Scotland.

Niven campaigned on reaching more students and building better relationships between members, reforming the organisation’s finances, helping students with the cost of living and housing crisis, as well as supporting the striking lecturers from the UCU.

Feature Image Credit: Zack Niven

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