Edinburgh COP27 protest in photos

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On Saturday, thousands of climate activists, students, families with children, pensioners, and everyone in between came to Edinburgh to raise awareness about the ongoing COP27 summit in Egypt.

Holding homemade placards and dressed up in creative costumes, they highlighted the crises the climate change conference is trying to solve as well as the criticism it faces.

An older couple holding up placards, one of them reads: “Grannies against global warming!” – Image Credit: Simi Borovská
An older woman is carrying a banner with the peace sign and a dove on it. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
Three climate activists are opposing the Rosebank oil and gas field off the coast of the Shetlands. Equinor, Norway’s state-owned oil company, is seeking permission to develop the field at the moment. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
An older man is posing with a sign reading “no more blah blah blood”, referring to climate activist Greta Thunberg’s famous speech during the United Nations Climate Change Conference last year. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
A woman holding a sign “stop failing us” is posing next to a person dressed as a polar bear, one of the most recognisable symbols of the climate crisis movement. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
Climate activists have put up signs demanding freedom for various political prisoners. Egypt has been in spotlight for holding political prisoners, such as jailed activist Alaa Abdel Fattah, who has been on a hunger strike for the last six months. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
Three women, part of the global environmental movement Extinction Rebellion, are marching with placards in the shape of graves symbolising all that people are losing to the climate change – glaciers, homes, and futures. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
A woman wearing scrubs is standing in front of a banner reading “Doctors demand climate action”. The group of doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers wanted to point out the link between human and planetary health. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
A person is wearing a mask in the shape of the Earth on their head, the thermometer means rising temperatures on the planet. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
A piper is wearing an anarchist flag over their more traditional clothing. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
Giant scales with an eye on top read: “The richest emit 93%, the poorest only 7%. Those who do the least damage suffer the most.” Image Credit: Simi Borovská
People wearing thief masks, fedoras, and suits, are representing bankers who, as their banner says, “squeeze Africa’s wealth”. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
People flew dozens of flags in the air during the march. Some of the ones in the photo include an Extinction Rebellion flag, a Palestinian flag, and a flag that says “Life Support”. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
A man in high-vis clothes is riding a bicycle adorned with colourful flags and placards. Image Credit: Simi Borovská
Two people are carrying a banner reading “Parents for future” in front of the Scottish Parliament, where the march ended. Image Credit: Simi Borovská

Featured Image Credit: Simi Borovská

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