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The Talk: World Kindness Day is also about YOU

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World Kindness Day, first started in 1998 and celebrated on November 13, always talks about the importance of being kind to those around you, such as friends and family but also through random acts of kindness to strangers.

Just putting out good vibes into the world for no other reason than helping someone out. You never know what someone is going through. The driving force behind the day is that if we’re all a little kinder to each other, the world might just become a better place. 

When we think about World Kindness Day, we don’t always consider the kindness we should extend to ourselves.

You are always the first person that you should be kind to.

Being kind to others is great, and we should always do more of that, but you are just as deserving of any kindness that you offer to a stranger.

It’s something that my mum always says to me when I’m having a wee wobble for whatever reason. Be kind to yourself. You shouldn’t beat yourself up and talk to yourself in a way that you never would to anyone else.

Why do we think it’s okay? To call ourselves names, to call ourselves failures, to constantly destroy our self-esteem, our self-value and any confidence we have in ourselves. 

Being kind to yourself can look like something as simple as a facemask or something more complex like therapy.

It isn’t something that is the cure to sadness but rather something that can make the bad days feel a little less grey. These small acts of kindness to yourself teach us about self-love and self-care, and asks the question of why it’s easier to be kinder to others than it is to ourselves. 

In the future, take time to be kind to yourself. Let your acts of kindness be the rainbow that follows your own rain. 

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