Take Me Out: The struggle of mid-distance relationships

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The mid-distance relationship is a relationship that isn’t talked about quite enough. There is always talk about long-distance relationships and the struggles they face, however, there are many struggles that are also faced by mid-distanced relationships.

Odyssey has defined mid-distance relationships as “when you live far enough away from your significant other that you cannot see each other every day, but close enough to see each other a decent amount”.

While those in mid-distance relationships may face struggles, to most, it is totally worth it. These struggles often make seeing each other special and the struggles worthwhile. It is important to remember that the struggles won’t be forever.

Here are some of the struggles faced by those in mid-distance relationships:

Never spending more than a couple of days with one another

When you do get to see each other your days together are often limited. This may be due to factors including having to get back home for work or studies. Two or three days max is usually how these relationships go with the exception of time off that allows for staying with one another for a longer period of time. The times when you do get to spend a week or so with each other feels all the more special.

Not having aligned schedules

Finding time to see each other can be even harder when your schedules don’t align. It isn’t as simple as quickly popping over for an hour or so to see each other when you both don’t have the same days off. The time spent traveling just to see each other even for an hour between schedules may not be worth the cost.

Missing out on important days

It isn’t always possible for you and your significant other to be with each other on important days. Perhaps they can’t see you on your birthday, but plan on seeing you a few days later or maybe you are working the day of your anniversary so plan to do something the week before. It can be hard to know that you can’t see each other on the days that matter most but scheduling alternative days to celebrate is an absolute must.

The dreaded sleepover bag(s)

When packing to stay at your significant other’s house in a mid-distance relationship your sleepover bag/bags are not only important but also often heavy. You CAN’T forget anything as you can’t simply pop home to get it. Over time you are likely to leave some necessities at your significant other’s house, however, there are just some stuff that you will need to bring back and forth.

Travel expenses

With the current cost of living crisis, every penny counts. Travel costs can add up, especially between traveling for work and for leisure. Whether your commute is by car, train, bus or boat, the expenses can add up. You may find that some weeks it may not be financially possible to see one another and that can be frustrating. Just remember, there will come a time when you will hopefully no longer need to travel to be with each other.

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