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The Stirling Clansmen fell to the Newcastle Raiders in a game that started in the cold and ended in what can only be described as conditions similar to the top of Mount Everest. 

The summit of Mount Everest is close to what the Clansmen will have to climb throughout the rest of their season to avoid relegation as this game set them up for a do or die contest against the Durham Saints. 

The game started with a three and out for the Clansmen who attempted a punt but failed to get it off due to the driving rain and snow, Newcastle regaining the ball in favourable field position.  

Raider’s QB Henry Bulmer threw for a deep touchdown which set the tone for the game. The score snowballing to a final result of 52-0. 

A bright spot for the Clansmen was seen in the performance of rookie running back TC Masango. His excellent kick returns and a couple of physical runs keeping Newcastle on their toes.

This was also the final game for CB Liew Yu Hang and American QB/CB Jackson Holmes, who capped off his Clansmen career with a 40 yard scramble to end the game.  

Head Coach Danny Smith commented that: 

“It is increasingly likely that we will drop to division 1, which if I’m being honest is the level we are at just now. In order to develop and succeed we must make recruiting to Stirling a priority, otherwise it will be difficult to make any progress in the future. The commitment though of the players and coaches is however without question.” 

Team MVP was awarded to Finlay Ramsey, for his tough running all day. 

Offensive MVP was awarded to Josiah Baron, for his consistent blocks on the line. 

Defensive MVP was awarded to Hamish Gornall, for his hard hitting play.

Special Teams MVP was awarded to TC Masango for his dangerous returns. 

The Clansmen will return after the Christmas break to play Nottingham at home on January 29. 

Featured Image Credit: John Ryan

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