Boots Down Bingo with Klub Kids at Mecca Glasgow

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On 10th December, I attended the Boots Down Bingo night with Klub Kids at Mecca in Glasgow. It was an amazing night, and I really recommend you go to the event if you get the chance! They often do tours of the UK, so keep an eye out for upcoming events.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the event organisers and the event itself.

What and who is Klub Kids?

Klub Kids originated within the Newcastle gay scene in 2013 and was inspired by the movie Party Monster.

The Newcastle Klub Kids used to go wild every Thursday night at the Powerhouse nightclub. Now you can find them working alongside the best drag acts in the world.

The Klub Kids host many of the biggest drag events around the UK in places such as:

  • Newcastle
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Glasgow
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • London

There is a large variety of brilliant, talented drag artists and queens within the Klub Kids organisation (see the full list of queens here).

The drag queens involved in this Boots Down Bingo are:

  • Lawrence Chaney
  • Baga Chipz
  • Bailey J Mills

The event

There are two ticket options: general admission and VIP meet-and-greet tickets. The VIP ticket holders were allowed in half an hour before general admission.

Once you arrive, you can buy drinks and bingo books from the bar. Additionally, there is a merchandise table with goods from the Klub Kids group.

Soon after, it was time to queue to meet and greet Lawrence Chaney and Baga Chipz to chat and take photos.

Then, down to get seats for the rest of the event.

First the host, drag artist Ophelia Balls, introduced the event and gave a rundown of the event. Below are images of Ophelia Balls and Lawrence Chaney (left and right) and Ophelia Balls in the centre.

The show started off with individual performances from Baga Chipz, Bailey J Mills and Lawrence Chaney. They came through the crowd chatting before walking on stage to start the performance.

Comedy, singing and dancing within the performances kept the audience engaged. They also included the audience in the acts, which was very fun. Also, some dancing in (and with) the crowd, asking questions and speaking about the Boots Down tour.

Then onto the bingo, they told us the prizes to be won. These were:

  • A hoover
  • A toaster
  • A large teddy bear
  • 50-pound voucher for Klub Kid merch
  • A trip to Amsterdam’s Drag Fest

There were three bingo cards, playing for a line and for a house. Every so often, the speakers would be blasting, the screen would show a video, and everyone would be on their feet doing dances such as the YMCA and the Time Warp.

After many lip-syncs, dances and funny bits from all the drag queens, the show was concluded, and the Cheeky Girls came out. Everyone danced and sang to the Cheeky Girls.

Image Credit: Samantha McBride

Meet and greet

I met the amazing Lawrence Chaney and brilliant Baga Chipz at the meet and greet. They were so lovely and had a great laugh. You can see my photos with them below.

While waiting to meet them, we bumped into Ophelia Balls, who stopped and chatted with us. Also, we walked past Bailey J Mills. Although only two queens were up for the meet and greet, I managed to meet them all.

Final thoughts

The atmosphere of this event was amazing. Everyone was so kind, and it was some laugh. I definitely recommend attending a Klub Kids event. The performances are very entertaining, and the queens are lovely.

If you like music, comedy, lip-syncing, dancing and having a ball with a side of bingo with amazing prizes to be won, then the Klub Kids Boots Down Bingo is the event for you.

Featured Image Credit: @klubkids_uk on Twitter

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