ICYMI Saudi Arabia GP: Perez WINS, Max recovers to 2nd Alonso penalty rescinded, confirmed 3rd

All the action from Saudi Arabia as Perez, Alonso aim to take first win of season

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Max Verstappen victor last time out starts 15th
Leclerc 10 place penalty puts him 12th
Perez starting on pole
Alonso taking lights from 2nd

23:00 further update, Alonso reinstated as 3rd place finisher


Aston Martin potentially going to appeal Alonso penalty


18:48 Early soundings are that Alonso will get a 10 sec penalty

18:42 As the 3 men take the podium, news filters through that the stewards are looking into whether the rear jack was indeed touching Alonso’s car as he served his 5 second penalty in the pits. If it is found to have done so, and he gets the same penalty as ocon two weeks ago, he will be demoted to 4th.

18:38 Finally 3rd placed Alonso

18:37 2nd placed Max next

18:36 Let’s hear from the winner

18:33 Fernando Alonso takes his 100th podium finish in his career, only the 6th man to achieve this in F1

18:29 Top Ten:
*potential penalty for Alonso tbc

18:28 Alonso takes 3rd, 5.1 ahead of Russell but Ocon got 10 secs for his mis-serving of his penalty last time out in Bahrain. If Alonso gets a penalty he’ll fall to fourth, if it’s 10 seconds

18:27 Max takes 2nd and the fastest lap to lead the championship by a point


18:25 Max is pushing for the fastest lap on the last lap and is going purple in first sector


18:23 Alonso being told to push to extend to 5 seconds as there’s a conversation about if the rear jack touched the rear of the car during his stop or not

18:21 Mercedes telling Russell that Alonso may have a 5 sec penalty at the end of the race with George only 4.5 behind

18:20 Max starting to fall back now, the gap up to 6.5. Checo looking set to take the championship lead

18:19 Magnussen and Tsunoda steam into turn one and the Dane manages to just about hold the car on the track and up into the last points paying position.

18:18 Instead of getting by the Williams in front, the two McLaren’s are fighting themselves as Piastri sticks it down the inside of Norris into turn one, but Norris switches back and retakes the position.

18:17 5 LAPS TO GO

18:14 The McLarens are all over the back of the Williams of Sargeant… but it’s only for 15th

18:12 Perez is holding the fastest lap of the day so far and a gap of 4.3

18:11 Alonso looks safe for a podium as his gap to Russell is now 5 seconds with Hamilton a further 3 behind in 5th

18:10 10 laps to go

18:08 Max sounding more and more stressed over the potential driveshaft issue, meanwhile Perez complaining about a long brake pedal.

18:06 Zhou jumps up to 13th past the Williams of Sargeant, Max still complaining, saying there’s a high pitch noise at high speed.

18:05 Max complaining that the driveshaft is running rough, late drama for the champion?

18:04 Bottas pits from the back onto the soft tyre. Max has fastest lap so far, but if it’s stolen then the two Redbulls will be level on points if it stays as it is

18:02 Max isnt hanging about, 15 laps to go and the fastest laps keep coming but the gap is only down to 4.5 to Perez out in front

17:59 top ten so far:

17:56 Max pumping in a couple purple sectors and the gap is now down to 4.7
17 laps to go

17:55 Hamilton falling back a bit and is now out of DRS of George ahead. Alonso seems to have the pace to hold onto a podium here so far.

17:54 Perez holding that gap out just above 5 secs, Max is marginally faster, but barely, and not enough to challenge.

17:53 Russell arguing against letting Lewis through by saying Alonso has a penalty. His team duely tell him it’s been served already, the response? “aww ****”

17:52 ALBON OUT: The williams pulls into the pit and is out of the race

17:51 Hamilton now starting to attack Russell down the pit straight, no team orders so far, surely this is holding up Lewis

17:50 Albon cruising around as he shouts brake failure over the radio

17:49 Max sets the fastest lap of the GP so far, gap to Perez now 5.3

17:48 Alonso sticking in the DRS to Max to try hold off the Mercedes behind as long as he can

17:47 Leclerc not happy with the pitwall. De ja vou?

17:46 Verstappen up to 2nd down the pit straight. Gap 5.5 to Perez

17:45 George now falling into the clutches of Hamilton who has come alive on the medium tyres

17:44 Verstappen up into 3rd as he easily dispatches the Mercedes.

17:43 Perez steaming out in front as he is trying to put as big a buffer between him and max as he can. his lead over Alonso in now 4 seconds

17:42 Hamilton gets past Sainz utilising his softer rubber in the traction zones out of turn two

17:41 George is now under pressure from the rocket-Redbull of Max. No DRS for the first few laps after the restart

17:40 Russell pressures Alonso on the restart but there’s no way through

17:39 Safety car in this lap: 20/50

17:38 Top 10 before the restart:

17:37 Bottas now catching the pack so Safety car should be in this lap

17:36 Hamilton the odd one out again on the medium tyre with everyone in the top ten now on hard tyres

17:35 Alonso holds onto 2nd after his penalty. But Verstappen is up to 4th ahead of Sainz and Hamilton wiping out his 20+ sec deficit to Perez

17:34 Perez, Alonso, Russell, Verstappen, Hamilton all pit



17:31 Leclerc comes out ahead of Stroll as the Canadian’s early pit has not worked out

17:30 Leclerc in and on to the hard tyre as well

17:29 Sainz comes out in 9th ahead of the earlier pitting Stroll

17:28 Sainz pits now onto hard tyres, interesting given Leclerc is still running on the soft and is still fast

17:27 a lot of cars pitting now and going onto the hard tyre

17:26 Leclerc is now just 4 secs behind his teammate going into lap 16

17:25 Stroll pits onto the hard tyre and comes out just in from of Albon as Max makes quick work of Ocon

17:24 Leclerc now chasing down the Alpine of Ocon. and breezes past him and up to 6th

17:22 Verstappen now past Hamilton and up to 8th. 2 secs behind Leclerc and 20 secs behind the leader

17:21 Alonso told the Hard tyre is not looking great, probably down to Hamilton’s feedback, so will have to extend and finish on the soft on a one stop

17:20 Russell has broken the DRS margin to Stroll behind as he’s wringing performance out of that Mercedes

17:19 Hamilton on the radio complaining about the hard tyres.

17:18 Leclerc up into 7th as he passes Hamilton into turn 1. He didn’t fight it much. probably hoping the Ferrari can drag him along in the DRS

17:17 Alonso told he’s on plan A but Perez is just starting to edge out the gap to that important 1 sec margin

17:16 Hamilton is surely a sitting duck with Leclerc on the soft tyres. Verstappen is now into the points

17:15 Here’s why Alonso has that penalty to serve at his next pit

17:14 Leclerc takes Gasly into turn one and now is right behind Hamilton

17:13 The DRS is so powerful here in Jeddah, Alonso is being kept in touch of the Redbull courtesy of the rear wing device

17:12 Verstappen now up to 11th, just Zhou between him and Leclerc now

17:11 Starting to stretch his lead now is Perezas he’s trying to break the DRS

17:10 Perez takes the lead, How important will that be to his chances of a win with Max fighting through the pack

17:09 Norris pits for a front wing too. Both McLarens are now at the back of the grid.

17:08 Verstappen is up to 13th, Leclerc running in 9th now. Stroll now chasing after 3rd placed Russell


17:06 Perez all over the back of Alonso, as Piastri pits for a wing change

17:05 Stroll takes Sainz around the outside! Piastri has damage and Alonso reported for incorrect starting place…. phew

17:04 Alonso takes the lead into turn one! Leclerc up to 10th!

17:03 And off we go!

17:02 Perez lining up but it’ll be a fair wait on the grid as Norris and Sargeant are just coming round the final corner

17:00 And the cars leave the grid for the parade lap, Most are on the mediums except Hamilton in 7th on the hards, and Leclerc on the softs

16:58 Just a wee reminder of the starting grid for today’s action

16:55 5 minutes to go, just enough time to get a cuppa ready or a few tins out the fridge so you don’t miss a thing at the start

16:48 One of the big hitters on the grid for the race today…

16:45 Horner playing down the threat of Max from 15th, fair to say he’s the only one who thinks a podium is his aim

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16:40 Can Ferrari put their gremlins to bed before the championship drives off into the distance on the back of the Redbull cars?


16:25 Lights out is on the hour at 17:00. Who have you got to win? Perez from pole? Alonso on the front row? or Max Verstappen from all the way back in 15th?
Let us know #BrigF1

16:10 It’s race day once again and welcome back to more live coverage of this, the 2nd round of the championship from Brig.

Up front we have Perez who will be looking to make an impact by throwing his hat in the ring for the championship as his Champion teammate starts all the way back in 15th after his driveshaft failed in Q2.

Alongside Perez is the wily old fox Alonso who has maintained a fabulous start by putting his Aston Martin on the front row after Leclerc took a 10 place grid penalty for using his 3rd control electronics unit in just 2 race weekends.

George Russell impressed on Saturday and put the struggling Mercedes on 3rd for the start today.

A mixed up grid promises to give us even more action in this fast street circuit that already looked so tight in performance behind the Redbulls

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