FIFA online servers to shut down for several titles

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Electronic Arts, or EA, have announced the shutdown of several online FIFA servers. The announcement comes as EA plans to move away from the franchise.

Several online game servers will shut down on November 6, including FIFA 18, 19, 20 and 21.

These titles will no longer receive updates or have online access and gameplay across all platforms. However, they will still be available to play offline with the offline game modes.

Older titles have also been pulled from digital stores across platforms.

EA Sports FC 24 game clip. Image Credit: @EASPORTSFC / Twitter

This will come as a disappointment to many, especially players of FIFA 21 which was only released in 2020.

With the news of server shutdowns being around for some time now, as the closing date dawns upon us players are beginning to realise it is really happening.

A fan tweeted out: “I can’t even go back onto old FIFA’s and use [a player] because all the servers have been shut down.”

EA have been making FIFA games since 1993 and even though they are separating from the franchise, EA plans to continue offering real-world experiences.

They will continue making football games that will be released under their new name, EA Sports FC.

The new FIFA

Their new game, EA Sports FC 24, released on September 29 this year.

Players have already voiced opinions about the new game.

EA Sports FC 24 game clip. Image Credit: @EASPORTSFC / Twitter

One Twitter user tweeted: “I’m not even lying, but in terms of gameplay, EAFC24 is the best ‘fifa’ for a very long time. The servers, however, are terrible.”

Another wrote: “I don’t know if it’s just me but constantly disconnecting mid game. Not connecting to ultimate team servers BS. Happened to me more in 2 days on EA FC than it ever did on FIFA 23.”

It seems with all the change happening, one thing remains consistent: fans annoyance at EA servers.

Featured Image Credit: @EASPORTSFC / Twitter

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