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Unsolicited advice? Stupid questions? No such thing. We won’t bite – only sarcastically.

BrigAid is here to support you through some of the best and toughest years. This is where you send in the deets, and we dish out the tweaks.

Using the contact form below, you can submit anything from small struggles, to fun life stories, to relationship problems, and get an appropriate reply.

Don’t hold back, make up a creative pseudonym and type it all out.

Shhh, we’re anon too – makes things exciting:



We aim to raise awareness around mental well-being, but for matters regarding urgent mental ill-heath, we refer you to these help resources instead:

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* Disclaimer:

Brig Newspaper is neither a mental health organisation nor help line. Our advice is at best an educated and researched opinion, gathered based on academic knowledge, experience, and the information you provide regarding an issue. Do not use our advice as an instruction, but as a guideline. We do not assume responsibility for the consequences of a submitter’s choice to follow our advice without situational and rational considerations.

We encourage enquirers to refrain from sending in issues regarding harm or ill-health, but this is why we ask for a student number, of which we will not be able to make public nor be able to check for identity information, except in cases of emergencies, where the student number will be given on to the appropriate authority, who will then be able to check the identity of the person assigned to the student number you enter.

We cannot reply to submissions which regard the aforementioned types of pressing issues. We are affiliated with multiple branches of Student Services, and trained to act appropriately in cases of said threats and signs of self harm, referring any submissions of this type to the university, and possibly the NHS emergency services  immediately. In these cases, the student number will be sent to our affiliates, and contact will be made to the student by student services. 

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