Author: Sherman E Wright

Hi, I am Sherman Wright 47yo. I am from Ballymena Co Antrim in the North of Ireland. I am currently a 3rd Year Bachelor of Arts (Joint Hons) Film, Media and Journalism student at the great University of Stirling in Scotland. I simply enjoy writing about sport and non-fiction which I have been studying very hard this year during the Magazine Journalism module of my joint honours degree. Having studied Ernest Hemingway, Gay Talese, Truman Capote, Jack Kerouac, Joan Didion and their fantastic style of writing, I am totally inspired by their inspirational creativity. I have become so amused by this genius form of descriptive art that I literally write about a trip on the bus into town just to see if I can gain that stimulus required to be able to say "I am really happy with that and my writing is getting better." The feeling I get from trying to write a better story, by way of format, than my last scribe, is something that I need ......... I need that personal victory. I aspire to better my writing and that for me means everything. One day I will write an autobiography, and it will sell. Once upon a time in Ballymena.
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80’s Music is Still Hip – But It Is Not Hop

80’s music has seen a resurgence in recent times and is still very much part of life for the child of the 80’s. The easy listening era which was full of many different styles of music can be heard loud and proud in may formats these days by way of remix, re-unions and in the every day shopping centres all around the country. 80’s music is still a way of life for many people especially the children of the era itself.