Hamilton’s Cheesecakes: Stirling’s new dessert specialists

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Stirling just got significantly sweeter, as Allan Park recently welcomed Hamilton’s Cheesecakes – the new mecca for fans of the smooth dessert classic.

Located opposite Domino’s, right next to the Spice Garden, the wee shop has a great central location for attracting a wide variety of customers – a huge chunk of whom, as the owner has confirmed, is already students.

It’s fairly easy to see why. Don’t let the inconspicuous outside sign fool you – although the shop may look modest, its cake selection is not. Hamilton’s boasts over 25 different flavours of cheesecake, with numerous additional bespoke flavours available for pre-ordering.

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credit: Irina Nakon

Our duo spent a good fifteen minutes deciding which confections we wanted on the morning of our visit to Hamilton’s, and can you blame us? Ferrero Rocher, Galaxy salted caramel, Bounty, Toffee Profiterole, Raspberry Snowball…plus about 20 more equally-tempting flavour combinations are displayed in front of you.

In the end we settled on three: Mango and Passion-fruit, Bannoffee, and Chocolate Orange. The Banoffee is probably my preferred flavour, plus it comes decorated with pieces of caramelised banana, but it’s difficult to play favourites as they’re all very distinct.

The Choc Orange was less sweet, since it’s made with dark chocolate and zesty orange peel – making it a very light, more neutral dessert. The Mango/ Passion-fruit, on the other hand, was very aromatic and tangy, with a mousse-like texture, almost reminiscent of marshmallow fluff, but also just as delectable.

The neutral nature of cheesecake as a dessert leaves acres of room for one to experiment with imbuing it with a variety of explosive flavour combinations, and that’s precisely what Hamilton’s has done. Each selection here stands out from the rest in flavour just as much as it does in appearance and meticulous hand-crafted decoration.

credit: Irina Nakon

At the time of our visit, the place was so spanking new that there was still no seating area allocated in the shop – which did not dampen our experience in the slightest, as we took our adorable specially-made take away cheesecake tins and a couple of hot drinks, and had a fantastic brunch next to the fountain across the road.

Hamilton’s also offers gluten-free options for many of its products, and takes orders for large, party-size cakes in all the displayed flavours.

So make sure to check out Stirling’s newest confectionery for some smooth, singular deliciousness, served on a biscuit base.


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