AirTV’s first feature film underway

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Time Vagabonds
The cast and crew of Time Vagabonds 2. Credit: AirTV/Facebook

By Kirsten Robertson and Megan Tulloch

A student is set to produce the first ever full-length feature film ever made at the University of Stirling.

Danny Flynn, a fourth year Film & Media and History student, is beginning his third instalment of the The Time Vagabonds. Time Vagabonds 2 is intended to be the first feature film ever made by Stirling’s film-making society AirTV.

The story follows Big Al who adventures with Dr Smile, a man who claims to have invented time travel. The film is set in the future, with scenes set at Alexander Court and features some good old-fashioned redemption. The story is aiming to be around 70 minutes long, qualifying its title as a feature length film.

The process of making a film on this scale has resulted in expected delays and difficulties, which is perhaps why making a feature film has never before been attempted.

“There are lots and lots of reasons why,” explained Flynn. “Firstly, trying to organise and film anything on campus is difficult; it takes up a lot of time. People have spent entire semesters trying to film 25-30 minutes. Just getting 15 minutes’ worth of film can be difficult, never mind pushing for 70.”

Flynn is approaching the film as a learning exercise as well as a great step into unmarked territory.  Based on previous experience with films such as The Case of the Unreturned Letter, in which he worked alone, the AirTV head of drama has learned a great deal through trial and error.

He said: “There are many skills that I am still learning. When we made Time Vagabonds I basically had no clue what was going on.”

However, going by his track record, Danny Flynn is a seasoned veteran. Having been elected onto committee three times, being a member of AirTV for several years, and en route to completing his media degree with several films under his belt, it would appear he is the right man for the job.

The genre of the film is adventure, but the film utilises very specific and effective comedic elements. Flynn was inspired by those such as Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

He said: “To me they are master classes in adventure comedies, even if it doesn’t come across as well on screen as it could, a lot of what I write and how I imagine it is in the mould of Hope and Crosby. They were grandfathers of fourth wall breaking humour. Those movies definitely inspired the Dr Smile/ Big Al dynamic in the original Time Vagabonds.”

The filmmaker credits AirTV as a big factor for his interest in scriptwriting and production as well as a way of gaining confidence. His involvement in the club led him to receive an award for ‘Best Newcomer’. It also helped him recognise his love for writing, especially in comedy.

The film is expected to be finished by the end of the academic year. Although the film is going to be “a long one”, Flynn is hopeful that, with the help of anyone willing to volunteer their time, the university’s first feature length film can be done.

He added: “A much more succinct response goes something like: ‘I don’t think anyone has been crazy or stupid enough to try’. If I can pull it off it will be amazing, if I fail, it was worth it for the adventure.”

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