Donations received as occupation continues into second day

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Students participating in the ongoing occupation of Logie Lecture Theatre have received donations from supporters of their actions.

Supportive lecturers and students have visited the Logie Lecture Theatre to deliver donations and supplies to the occupiers.

Occupying students have received donations of sleeping bags, blankets, food, drinks, medical supplies, toiletries and even daffodils.

One lecturer who made a donation said to Brig: “I am really impressed with the students support.

“I feel like this occupation has helped the cause of the strike and has helped to bring the extent of support for lecturers to the attention of the university.”

Occupiers said that they had also received donations of board-games and packs of cards from supportive students. The occupiers have said that they are extremely grateful for the show of support from lecturers and fellow students.

One of the Logie occupiers said that they feel that today was a success, because the donations show support and students had come into Logie to show interest in the occupation.

Supplies given to occupying students Credit: Harry Williamson

Occupiers cooperated with security officers who arrived to request that a microwave and toaster that had been brought into the lecture theatre be removed. One occupier helped bring the appliances out of the lecture theatre.

The spokesperson for the strike said: “We will be as cooperative with security as possible.”

The university has responded to a request from Brig for a comment, saying that:

“We fully respect the right of both students and staff to make their voices heard. We wish to see an end to this industrial action, and continue to support a resolution that secures the best possible staff pension benefits.”

The university also said that they are planning for exams to take place as normal, but will take disruption into account, and their priority remains to “minimise disruption to the student experience.”

Occupiers have said that they will cooperate with security Credit: Harry Williamson

Occupiers were optimistic when they heard the news that Stirling University Principal, Gerry McCormac, was going to meet with the University and College Union (UCU) Stirling branch.

This occupation is part of several occupations taking place nationally, with other university students in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, Strathclyde, and Glasgow occupying a space in their university. Students at Sheffield University have occupied the Arts Tower.

This is the second day that the Logie Lecture Theatre has been under occupation. Around 15 occupiers spent the night in Logie Lecture Theatre last night, setting up beds and sleeping bags.

A bed made by one of the occupiers in the cupboards of the Logie Lecture Theatre Credit: Harry Williamson

More students joined the occupation today, stressing the importance of supporting lecturers. One described the occupation as “a brilliant idea that will give us the chance to be heard by the university.”

One student who joined the occupation said: “It is really important that lecturers get the pensions they need, they cannot live on the proposed pension scheme.”

Students inside the occupation have brought musical instruments in, have been playing music and engaging in political discussions. They also watched First Minister’s Question Time. They also screened the 2014 movie Pride at 3pm.

Occupiers have been tweeting and posting to Facebook to update people on the occupation.

Occupiers have said that the occupation of Logie Lecture Theatre is an open protest, that anyone is welcome to join or come and ask questions, and that it will continue until their demands are met.

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