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Occupiers do not plan to leave as strike ends

Occupiers do not plan to leave Logie Lecture Theatre as strike ends.

As the strikes by lecturers come to an end, the students occupying the Logie Lecture Theatre have said that they do not plan to leave when the strikes end.

Occupiers told Brig they will not leave the lecture theatre until Gerry McCormac, the university vice-chancellor, supports the strike.

One occupier said that the earliest they will leave Logie Lecture Theatre is Wednesday, if Gerry McCormac supports lecturers in a meeting due to take place between McCormac and the Stirling branch of the University and College Union (UCU) that day.

Occupiers have said that if Wednesday’s meeting produces a deal between UCU and McCormac that is accepted by UCU members then they will end the occupation.

They also said that if the meeting between UCU and McCormac is not successful, then they will continue the occupation.

The Logie Occupation has been going on for six days.

Occupiers have also said that they will resist any attempt to remove them. One telling Brig: “The only way we will leave is of our own accord.”

The occupation has caused disruption on campus, with lectures scheduled to be in Logie being rescheduled or relocated to other lecture theatres, with many lectures being held in the Pathfoot Dining Hall.

The occupation was an act of solidarity with striking lecturers by students, and a protest of the failed deal between UCU and Universities UK (UUK).

This week brings an end to a round of strikes by UCU lasting 14 days over a period of four weeks.

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