Brig talks to Sustainability Candidate, Hannah Dry

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Second year, Environmental Science and Outdoor Education student, Hannah Dry is one of the names running for the position of Sustainability Officer. 

Although, Brig wasn’t able to catch Hannah for a face-to-face interview at a convenient time, we were able to correspond over email and find out more about Hannah’s campaign. 

Here are some of the questions we asked her:

Why were you inspired to get involved with the student council?

Because I would like my university to be more sustainable and be an example for other universities across the country to follow in our footsteps. I want us to pave the way in the fight against plastic. 

Which point in your manifesto is the main point that you hope to get across?

I would like Stirling to become plastic free. I want to ban single use plastic whilst providing alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.

What is the biggest thing you hope to achieve?

 Receive plastic free status that is awarded by Surfers Against Sewage

Credit: Hannah Dry

Do you have any relevant experience in the environmental field?

My degree is relevant. I have also worked for two years as a coasteering instructor in Cornwall which unfortunately means I have seen first-hand how bad the plastic and rubbish pollution is around our coastlines and how much it is affecting our wildlife. But means I want to do something about it!

Why are you the best person for the job?

Because I am passionate. I understand the urgency in which we need to change our behaviours, therefore I hope that people will relate to my passion and become engaged with the environmental conversation.

What do you personally do to reduce your own carbon footprint?

I do not eat meat and restrict my dairy intake. I cycle and use public transport wherever possible and suffer through the winter for as long as I can without heating! I try to reduce my consumption of unnecessary items in all areas of life and buy second hand as much as I can or mend something that is broken.

What is a key environmental tip you love, that anyone can do at home?

My key environmental tip is to be organised! If you are prepared with reusable water bottles, coffee cups, bring your own packed lunch and rely less on convenient food then it’s an easy way to become more sustainable. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

No longer needing to campaign for sustainable living because society has already achieved it! 

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