News Union Elections 2019

Brig talks to Media Officer candidate Harry Mitchell

Harry Mitchell wants to be your media officer. What did he have to say?

Credit: Brig Newspaper

Why are you running for Media Officer?

“I am a media society president, passionate, a filmmaker, freelance journalist, and radio presenter.”

“I have a lot of traits and good ideas that could improve the media societies as a whole.”

What do you feel that you could bring to the role of Media Officer?

“I have some really good, fresh ideas. As a media society president I know about many of the issues that need resolving within the union. I really want to improve communication between media societies and other societies and sport societies, to improve collaboration and improve member growth.”

“I want to see more integration with Forth Valley students who are perfect for our media societies.”

“I think we should reach out and improve, to make the student media the true voice of the whole university instead of a certain select few.”

What is the best thing about the University of Stirling?

“Genuinely for me it is the student media.”

“The amount of recognition that these people get and the amount of talent that I have seen in all 3 societies is incredible. Welcoming these people and working alongside them and being their friends has been absolutely fantastic.”

“It’s the media and the societies that go with it that bring a lot of passion and love to the university experience.”

Student Journalist News Editor - Brig Newspaper 3rd Year BA Hons Journalism Studies at UoS Reporting on university and union news, as well as local news, crime, and politics. Bylines in The Oban Times If you have a story, contact

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