The Ultimate Guide to Concerts

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Perhaps you have already mastered the art of concert going, perhaps it’s been a while or perhaps you’re a concert virgin altogether! Whatever stage you are at when it comes to the art of concerts, relax, we have you covered.

Here are some of Brig’s top tips for getting yourself ready for a great night.

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Shop Around

This one should be obvious. As students, we don’t have the luxury of buying the first thing we see. Have a look around for the best price before you are tempted to impulse buy. After all, the more money you save, the more concerts you can see!

Keep an eye out for the bands you love, whether it be through updates on their social media or updates from Ticketmaster. The sooner you get that information, the better chance you have at snatching up a bargain.

Choose your friends wisely

Yes, you could argue this is a tip for any aspect in life, but this could make or break your experience. Ideally, choose the people who will be on the same wavelength as you, or even drag you out of your comfort zone a little bit. You don’t want to be stressing out over friends squabbling or moaning about everything- you’re there to have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Time to Study 

You are going to have infinitely more fun if you know what you are singing along to! Maybe you are just tagging along with a friend and don’t really know the act too well, but there’s no point in paying that money just to stand in a crowd looking bored. It’s so much easier to have fun if you are looking forward to a certain song, so get downloading, Spotify is your friend. 


The Action Plan

One of those people who needs to know what’s happening at all times? Have a plan in place. Are you getting a taxi to the venue? The train? Get booking. Decide if you are going to have a bite to eat beforehand, and where.

If you don’t fancy getting transport back home afterwards, maybe make a mini trip out of it. If there is a group of you- bonus! Air bnb is a realistic option when you’re sharing the costs between you. Know someone in the area? Maybe it’s worth giving them a message to see if they fancy hosting you. Cheeky but cheap, and a fun way to catch up.

Live a little

Concerts are the perfect place to relax and have fun- disastrous dance moves are a prerequisite, so dance away!

Hopefully these tips have helped out a little bit. Stirling is an ideal location for taking advantage of venues in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, so have a look around and see what they have on offer. 

You are set. Consider yourself an expert. 

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