What they wished they’d known: fourth years’ top Freshers tips

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SEPTEMBER is here, which can only mean one thing: Freshers week!

This is your chance to meet new friends, start afresh and broaden your horizons. 

I’m a fourth-year student and so far, my first year has been my favourite. Even if it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows.

Here is some advice from final year students, for those who are just starting their university adventure.

So relax, sit back, and learn from our mistakes and awkward experiences. 

1. Don’t stick to the one friend group. Branch out and try new things, because you never know who you’ll meet.

2. Join a society or a team! With so many different extra-curricular clubs to choose from, try something new and make friends that you may have otherwise not met. Get the Give It A Go! Booklet and try as many things as you can. These tasters let you know what you’re in for. Freshers’ Fayre is another great way to learn about opportunities around campus. 

3. Don’t give in to the pressure. You don’t have to drink or go to all the parties. Focus on settling in and finding your feet, you are not missing anything if you choose not to go to a few events – go wild next year.

4. Don’t buy the freshers’ party wristbands! There’s a cheaper way to do Freshers’ week. Buy one and you’ll be wasting money.

5. Don’t avoid social evenings if you don’t drink just because you assume you will be the only one and don’t want to be awkward. You’d be surprised how easy it is to have a good time sober.

6. Don’t let worries build up, talk to someone. Chances are you’re not the only one feeling that way. Make your mental health a priority. 

7. Don’t go overboard with drink the first week- know your limit. You risk passing out and spending the next 4 days at home, eating chicken soup and feeling dizzy every time you leave your bed. It’s a waste of a week. 

8. Don’t be scared to go to an event by yourself during freshers week. 

If there is an event in the Venue you want to go to, but nobody to go with, just go! You’ll meet new people there to spend time with, believe me!

9. Buy a frozen pizza from the shop before you go out. You’ll save money at the end of the night when you are drunk and hungry. Eating too much Domino’s pizza can hurt your wallet.

10. Don’t write your essay at the last moment. Spending the whole night studying is not fun. Organisation is seriously underrated. 

11. Usually, each module will have a group chat. Ask around and make sure you are in it. They can be really helpful- especially if you find yourself stuck on an essay.

12. Don’t be scared to leave campus. The town centre is full of cosy coffee shops to study in, there are trains every hour to Edinburgh and Glasgow and a hike up Dumyat will show you a whole new side to Stirling. 

13. My advice, as a foreign student who 3 years ago came to Stirling with “not so good” English, is don’t be afraid. It gets better, don’t let the language be a barrier, just because you are unsure of how to express yourself. 

These are just a few tips to help you start this new journey, which is going to be fun and unforgettable.

Just remember, you’ll find your way.

Featured Image: Stirling Student Union

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