Single VP Education candidate wants to “give back” to Stirling

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Running unopposed, Lexi Ehresmann is running to be the next VP Education.

Wanting to “give back to somewhere” that gave her “so much”, Ehresmann is campaigning on four main points.

Her first point is focused on accessibility to higher education, spanning from student carers to those students who may come from a lower socio economic background.

Lexi said, “I want to bridge the gap for students who come from non traditional backgrounds, those who have a bigger difficulty getting into university and staying there.”

Wellbeing is next on her manifesto, however, she explains the conversation is not just about mental health, there is a lot more to wellbeing too.

“I want to show how wellbeing includes things like having access to nature, having good sense of community and socialisation.”

Focusing on community building in order to tackle isolation, she wants to “work on wellbeing and not only mental health.”

Similarly to other candidates for roles across the union, Ehresmann has included environmental issues in her campaign for VP Education.

“I want to form a centralised place, such as a forum or Facebook page for students faculty and staff to find out information about events or activist groups to centralise the environmental voice in Stirling.

“I think there are a lot of people who care, but I don’t think it is as strong as it could be.”

Talking about the education side of environment, Ehresmann is suggesting the introduction of environmental issues into every degree across the board at Stirling.

“I want a spirit of being green.”

Coming to Stirling as a study abroad student, Lexi transfered to the university as an international student.

She is a strong advocate for the Erasmus programme which has come under threat following Brexit. Her final point highlights the importance of international at university.

She said: “Should we not be able to continue with Erasmus, my goal is to look at other programmes available or work with other institutions around the world to build relationships, where we can send our students to their universities and they can send their students to our university.”

Explaining that she understands that her term may be short, Ehresmann wants to lay the groundwork for future VP Education candidates to continue to work on.

Although the result may appear a foregone conclusion, Lexi is still putting in the effort to win over Stirling students’ votes.

Voting closes at 6.15p.m. on the Students’ Union website.

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