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Netflix’s latest reboot is a gripping docuseries that explores strange cases from around the world that haven’t been solved yet. With UFO sightings and murderers on the run for eight years, they have picked a range of cases that will baffle you.

Unsolved Mysteries was a popular show in America that told of missing people, alien encounters, treasure hunts, bank robberies – if it was mysterious, it was on the show. They used hyper dramatized re-enactments of events to explain what happened and actors like Matthew McConaughey and Daniel Dae Kim got their start on the show.

When remaking a well-loved show, it can be hard to find the balance of keeping it true to itself while making it watchable for new generations, Unsolved Mysteries strikes that balance well.

With original creators John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer behind it, the new show keeps elements of the theme but moves to an established documentary format that we see in the likes of Making a Murderer and Tiger King.

This move to focus on the people surrounding the case creates a significantly more compelling show. Hearing these heart-breaking and life-changing events straight from those it affected most is so valuable, we aren’t detached from them through actors and scripts.

The stories are told chronologically, painting the picture of what happened with absolute clarity and skill. As expected, some episodes are more mysterious than others, but they all tell of intriguing and mind-blowing situations. Well, all except the UFO one, which is more fun than it is intense (like seriously, those people don’t seem okay).

What they did keep of the original is an updated version of the theme song. What was once very synth-heavy is now an equally eerie but paired back version. They even give a nod to original host Robert Stack featuring his silhouette in the title sequence.

They also continue to put tip lines and links for anyone that may know something at the end of each episode. There was an effort to focus on solvable cases (although it seems unlikely that the mystery of aliens will be solved) and most of the ones out now have obvious suspects or gaps in timelines that they have no definitive enough leads on.

Netflix has a knack for knowing what kind of content their viewers want and this is no exception. Unsolved Mysteries has joined a long line of the streaming services true-crime content and within a day the show had become number one on the Top 10 list that features on the front page.

Right now, there are six episodes available to watch with another six set to be released at a later date. With the global reach of Netflix, the creators have made an effort to feature cases from around the world. Episode three features a French family’s story and they are currently chasing a case in South America.

Unsolved Mysteries isn’t the most original but will most definitely satisfy any true crime craving you might have.

For some, the topics discussed might be hard to digest and possibly be triggering.

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