Affordable clothes hire service launched by Stirling local

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Phase one of Sioda, an affordable womenswear rental service aiming to tackle inequality and unsustainable shopping-patterns, has officially launched.

“Sioda will give you the thrill of something new, without the price-tag and guilt that comes with buying new,” says Naomi Ross, founder of Sioda.

Credit: Siodauk.com

Ross has two main aims through the launch of this service: providing a gateway into a more sustainable lifestyle amongst Britons, and tackling image-based challenges born from social inequality in the UK.

“I’ve got first-hand experience of this: Growing up in poverty, most of my clothes were hand-me-downs,” says Ross. She hopes this service will help others in similar situations.

Through charities such as Stirling and District Women’s Aid and Dundee’s Funeral Link-up, Sioda will offer access to items free of charge, for those unable to pay for the subscription access.

“This will be subsidized by the subscribers – so the more people that subscribes, the more people we can help.” 

The online rental-service will feature hundreds of high-end brands and prestigious designer items, along with products from local ethical designers. These are available to rent on a monthly basis, and the collection will grow to thousands of items once running at full capacity.

“Phase one allows people a one-off hire: once we reach phase two, the subscription-model will kick in,” explains Ross.

Set to roll out in February next year, this model will allow subscribers to rent 4-8 items in return for a monthly fee of £49-£89.  

The items will be shipped out in recycled and recyclable packaging, free of charge. Washing is also included in the monthly-fee. 

“As for the hygiene side-of-things: We use a steam-technology-product that is certified to kill-off all pathogens – including corona,” says Ross. 

To find out more about this project, hop onto their Facebook or website.

Featured Image Credit: Siodauk.com

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