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Reflecting on Being A Student During A Global Pandemic

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With university coming to an end for the year, I have been reflecting on my experiences being a student during COVID-19. The many challenges and difficulties and how I have overcome them.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year- you will have been affected by COVID 19. Whether it’s been by having the virus or just adhering to the restrictions it has affected not only the UK but the world.

I was in college when I first heard of the virus, at first, I thought nothing of it. Being a college student in my HNC year my goal was university and everything else never crossed my mind. Until it got to Italy.

 Seeing the number of positive cases rise every day I knew this was not good. However, I don’t think anything could have predicted or prepared for what the next year would be like.

17 March 2020, I got sent home from college until further notice. Staying positive I was thinking it would maybe be a few weeks and I’d be back in class. But with the UK entering a national lockdown on the 23 March this did not happen.

I had to complete my HNC online which was difficult as there was not a lot of organisation- as no one thought this would ever happen. Through hard work I achieved an A in my graded unit and was off to university in September.

September came and the news I had been dreading- online learning. There is always a positive, the idea this is safer was very welcomed to me. There was a lot more organisation throughout the course as this was planned for.

I took it in my stride at the start, but the months went on it became very isolating. My partner was a key worker throughout the pandemic and being in first year I did not have the same circle of friends I had at college.

It was harder to socialise with peers even on zoom when none of you had ever met. Times my motivation slipped, and my anxiety increased.

However, through all the hard times- including spending my reading week (which happened to be my birthday week) with the virus. I feel I have come out stronger than ever.

Facebook became a lifeline in making friends from university. This support base was great really helped combat the loneliness we were all feeling. finding those on the same boat as you

 I had the courage to change my degree and challenge myself in more ways than I can ever imagine.

Although COVID-19 has been extremely difficult on everyone I have a great sympathy for those studying in these unprecedented times. Through the dark times I am reminded of light at the end of the tunnel.

I have saw so many of my peers at university support each other- even if it was just via social media.

There is much to look forward to in the future- I look forward to meeting all my peers in person and being on campus. As well as being able to hug loved ones.

On reflection, this year has shown me how resilient I am, even within education. I have gone from believing I could never get to univerity here to finishing my first year in a global pandemic. Definitely a story for my future children and grandchildren.

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