BREAKING: First Minister set to resign later today

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Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland since 2014 will resign.

It is not explicitly stated why. Record losses of membership may have contributed.

The BBC writes that the leader will resign in a hastily arranged conference sometime in Edinburgh today.

Nicola Sturgeon is highly comparable to Germany’s previous leader, Angela Merkel. She has dominated Scottish politics for her tenure as First Minister, and for many of our generation, we are as used to her presence as being synonymous with Scotland.

It has arguably been easy to overlook many SNP faults as a result of the First Minister’s popularity. Taking over from Alex Salmond after being his right-hand woman was the best move the party had undertaken.

It certainly will come as a huge shock to many, but to the more keen political commentator, Sturgeon’s decline has been coming for a while now. The focus on independence is arguably polarising voters, with the Gender Recognition Act solidifying the mass exodus from the party.

Brig will keep you updated on all movements as they emerge.

Scotland has lost a constant political figure who’s reliability and monopoly on Scottish politics has dominated for the last decade. The SNP have lost their leader, and as a result have been weakened further. Sturgeon’s absence will be felt by her detractors, her supporters, and those who are ambivalent. She has become intertwined with Scottish identity, for better or worse to many.

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