Interview with pop star Mae Muller on debut album ‘Sorry I’m Late’

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Singer, songwriter and Eurovision star Mae Muller is just days away of releasing her debut album Sorry I’m Late, out September 29.

Muller, 26, has been putting out music since 2018. However, it wasn’t until 2021 that her career skyrocketed after the release of her single Better Days.

This has been her biggest year yet. In May she represented the UK at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

Now only a couple months later, she is putting out her debut album. The artist is also said to release a documentary film with Amazon Prime in February.

In her songwriting, Muller opens up to her fans completely. She explores love and loss while capturing the female experience. And this album is no different.

“Finding the strength in vulnerability, and especially as women, to know that we’re allowed to do that, and it’s okay. And that we don’t always have to be the sort of stereotypical version of what strong is. Is a very important message to me” Muller said.

In preparation for the release, the singer is running a set of in store appearances where she will sign copies of Sorry I´m Late, perform some of the singles and interact with fans in Q&As.

In an interview for Brig, Muller talks about her debut album, her songwriting and Eurovision experience.

image credit: Harry Carr

How do you feel about releasing your first album?

“It feels good! Feels super surreal but also kind of like what’s meant to happen right now.

“In one way, I can’t believe I’m bringing out an album. The other half of me is like, it’s been so long, and I’ve worked so hard on it that it feels like it is meant to happen. So it’s definitely a mix of emotions, but I’m very excited.”

 What can we expect from Sorry I’m Late?

Sorry I’m Late is definitely a journey, and people can and probably are going to relate to it in different ways, but for me. It feels like a song which I’ve really grown up writing. Feels like I’ve been working on it for the past five years.

“So you know, I was sort of like a kid when I started writing it. And now I feel like I’m more of an adult, more of a woman, more of an artist. And I’ve learnt a lot. I think you can really hear that.

“It’s an album filled with a lot of fun, carefree bops but also more vulnerable moments. I love songwriting and I’m just so I’m excited for people to hear it.”

What song are you most excited for your fans to hear?

“Oh gosh, there’s so many! I think I was really excited for Maybe That’s Just Life, which has now been released. I was really excited about them hearing that because it was one of the more vulnerable moments on the album and I’m really proud of the songwriting on that, so I really wanted them to hear that side of me.

“There’s also a song called Something Real, which describes when you’re just kind of irritated and you have all these frustrations, and you just want to scream into your pillow. To me this song is just that, one big scream into your pillow.

“I’m excited to play that one live and to just have that moment with everyone.”

What is Sorry I’m Late about?

“I think that women, no matter what they do, no matter who they are. Are always kind of put under that pressure to be the fixer and to kind of run the ship and not break a sweat while doing it.

 “And I think that is just so unrealistic. There’s actually a lot of strength in being open about not feeling okay, and not being that kind of bad bitch persona.

“I’m so independent and I’m so confident and that’s definitely an important side of who I am, but I don’t feel like that every day. I wouldn’t be human if I did. So I’m excited for people to get to know that side of me.”

image credit: Harry Carr

Is there a reason behind there being 17 tracks?

“I feel like each and every one, tells a story, and all of them together tell the whole story.

“There definitely was a time where I was like, it’s too many songs, people aren’t gonna want to listen to 17 tracks.

“But now five out of the songs on the album have already been released, so I think people will actually appreciate having something fresh to listen to.

“And also, I’ve not released a project in a long time It’s been very much singles based. So I just want to release something that people can really sort of like sink their teeth into and that tells a story. “

Why do you think being vulnerable in your music is so important?

“I definitely want people to relate to my music. I write all my songs and to me it’s a way to get all these feelings off my chest, you know, it all comes from inside and its sort of my personal diary, they’re my thoughts and they’re my feelings.

“And the fact that they are relatable and that I can see that, I’m not alone in that and whoever listens, they’re not alone in that. It’s like the most beautiful bonus in the world. And I think that’s why, I’ve always wanted to just be honest in my writing.”

What was it like going to Eurovision?

“It was definitely a wild ride, but I learned so much in that experience. And, you know, I feel like I’m a better artist for it. I’m a lot stronger.

“I just learnt so much. It’s impossible not to learn that experience and, I met so many amazing people. It was a one in a million experience and now I’m taking all those tools that I learnt, and I catch myself l applying them in my performances and even just in my day to day life.

“I’ve always loved Eurovision, but it was definitely not something that I saw myself doing just because it’s such a huge deal, you can’t really put yourself in that position.

“But the second that the opportunity was brought to me I said yes and then the work started.

At only 26, Muller has had an impressive career, but she seems to just be getting started.

Featured image credit: Harry Carr

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