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The Halloween costume that is built to last

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With Halloween just around the corner, you’re probably facing the dilemma of choosing the right costume.

However, Halloween is notoriously known as a single-use holiday and, more often than not, a fast-fashion parade. The harsh reality is that the costume you’re planning to buy is most likely bad for the planet.

Environmental organisation “Hubbub” has found that a shocking 83 per cent of Halloween costumes are made out of non-recyclable oil-based plastics. Yes, these eventually end up in landfill. Every year, around seven million Halloween costumes are thrown away – that adds to approximately 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste.

So, before you rush on to Amazon, here are some tips to help you achieve a more sustainable and yet, stylish Halloween look.

Take a good look in your wardrobe

The most sustainable Halloween costume is the one you already have. There are so many costumes that can be crafted from scratch and all you need to do is take a deep dive into your wardrobe.

Whether you have a piece of clothing you no longer wear, a worn-out shirt, or old sheets – these can all come in handy. It’s the perfect time to get creative! If you’re lacking inspiration then DIY videos on YouTube are a good place to start.

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Pop into your local charity shop

You can run into so many vintage pieces that can be repurposed into unique and timeless costumes. If you aren’t feeling creative or are short of time to craft something yourself, buying second-hand is your best bet.

Not only will you avoid the hefty price tags, but your chances of wearing the clothes after spooky season is over are pretty high.

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Borrow clothes from your friends

Maybe you really like your friend’s costume they wore last year, or you have the perfect coat they need to finish off their costume? Consider swapping clothes with your friends and make an event out of it!

Invite your friends over for coffee and ask them to bring some of their accessories, face paint or wigs they would like to share.

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Recycle materials

Feeling particularly inventive? All these cardboard boxes you haven’t thrown away can be turned into the perfect Halloween costume props.

Grab some paint, brushes, and a pair of scissors and there you have it! Whether you’re planning to make devil horns, angel wings, a helmet, or a musical instrument – not only will you save some money, but you’ll also be doing the planet a favour.

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Sometimes all you need is makeup

Let’s face it, a student’s hectic day-to-day life doesn’t always allow for us to plan much in advance. So, if you have makeup lying around – grab a bold lipstick, or an eyeliner and let your imagination run wild.

Even if makeup is not your strong suit, it’s always fun to try and experiment with it. You can ask a friend to help you if you’re not that confident with doing it yourself or if you don’t have the needed products.

Throw some clothes on and there you have it – a Halloween look without the unnecessary hassle.

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All in all, being sustainable is not always an option for everyone. Yet, if you’d like to reduce your plastic footprint this Halloween, these are some viable options to consider. Even a small difference is a good one.

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