Armageddon for the SNP

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After 16 years in government, a failed Independence plan, numerous internal conflicts, resignations, decreasing membership numbers, and police investigations have all ruined the legacy of the SNP.

The examples are endless when discussing the numerous failings of the SNP in the last 12 months.

Ash Regan, an MSP for Edinburgh Eastern and failed candidate for the 2023 SNP leadership contest, recently defected to the rival Alba party led by former SNP first minister Alex Salmond.

Lisa Cameron, SNP MP of East Kilbride, Stravhaven and Lesmahagow, defected to the Conservative Party in October after “the toxic and bullying atmosphere”.

The most damaging factor for the SNP is Operation Branchform. The investigation looked into fund-raising fraud in the SNP.

It led to the arrest of Nicola Sturgeon, her husband and former party Chief Executive Peter Murrel and former SNP Treasurer Colin Beattie.

Operation Branchform led to the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon and the sharp decrease in SNP members from 125,000 to 72,000 in March 2023.

The October Rutherglen by-election caused by the resignation of COVID rule-breaking Margaret Ferrier, a former SNP MP, led to a Labour win by a margin of 58.6 per cent and a poor voter turnout of only 37.19 per cent.

The Telegraph described this year’s SNP Conference as only notable for its irrelevance.

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