A Night To Remember Review: Beautifully entrancing 

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Beatrice Laus, known as beabadoobee on stage, has collaborated with Icelandic-Chinese artist, Laufey, to create their latest single, A Night to Remember. 

Beabadoobee is a British indie icon who is known for her unique sounds and internet presence. Starting off recording music in 2017, beabadoobee has won several awards since her career began. She has two critically acclaimed albums and five EPs to her name, as well as the NME 2020 Radar award. 

Worldwide, she has gained five billion streams and has a social media outreach to over 8.5 million people. Generation Z adores beabadoobee, being Gen Z herself her music relates to much of her young fanbase.  

She has toured with the likes of The 1975, Taylor Swift, Clairo, and Halsey, as well as playing at some of the biggest festivals in the world.  

Laufey and beabadoobee. Image Credit: beabadoobee

Commenting on the creative process of A Night to Remember, beabadoobee said: 
“I’ve been writing with a lot of different rhythms recently, also with strings and nods to more classical sounds.  

“Laufey is a great fit for this sound and we had started hanging out in London, so we got in the studio together to work on music and try ideas with my producer Jacob Bugden. We also hung out in New York on my tour and started becoming closer friends. 

“We wrote A Night To Remember after deciding we wanted to write something that sounds grand but a bit more sexy lyrically and have fun with that theme.” 

Laufey (pronounced lāy-vāy) grew up between Reykjavik and Washington DC, with regular trips to Beijing. While she was a student at Berklee College of Music, Laufey released her first album in 2020. 

The album, Street by Street, hit the top of the Icelandic radio charts. 

Like beabadoobee, Laufey has an array of awards and achievements to her name. She won Best New Artist in Jazz and Blues at the Icelandic Music Awards following the release of her 2021 EP, Typical of Me.  

In 2022, her debut album Everything I Know About Love reached first place on Billboard’s Alternative New Artist Album chart. She also won the most streamed jazz artist on Spotify that year.  

Now, she has over one billion streams across the world, and is the biggest streaming jazz artist in the world. 

A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember celebrates the best of both artists. Laufey’s smooth jazz lulls us into a sway as we listen to beabadoobee’s soft vocals.  

This song sounds like something straight from a Bond film, mysterious and mischievous. Fluttering piano keys mix in with the vocals to tell a story throughout the song.  

“Underneath the sheets, you enchanted me” and “something in your eye reminded me of somebody I used to know” tells a tale of lust and wonder. A Night to Remember sounds like a one-night stand that sparked nostalgia.  

Laufey and beabadoobee sync their vocals towards the end of the song, making a powerful duet to finish.

A music video for A Night to Remember has also been released, you can find it here.

Overall, A Night to Remember is a song that you could sway gently to in a fancy bar. Laufey’s instrumental jazz style compliments beabadoobee’s enchanting vocals, creating a beautifully entrancing song.  

Featured Image Credit: beabadoobee

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